Pterygium Surgery

What is a pterygium?

A pterygium (pronounced ter-ig-ee-um) is a wedge shaped growth of tissue that extends from the corner of the eye towards the pupil. It is linked to sun exposure and is therefore very common, particularly in surfers and people who have spent a lot of time outdoors.

Should I have pterygium surgery?

If the pterygium is small and not causing any symptoms it is not necessary to treat it. If the pterygium causes mild and infrequent irritation, this can be treated with lubricating and anti-inflammatory drops. The drops will reduce the irritation but will not remove the existing pterygium or stop it from growing bigger.

Some people put off having pterygium surgery because they heard stories of painful recovery. While the recovery with some older surgical techniques was often very unpleasant, modern surgical techniques used at myeyespecialist make the surgery safe and comfortable. We offer all our patients surgical tissue glue instead of scratchy sutures and our post-operative care regime ensures that the recovery time
is fast with minimal or no discomfort and extremely small chance of pterygium recurrence.

For more information about pterygium surgery, visit our Gold Coast Eye Hospital website.