Watery Eyes

Watery eyes can be a real nuisance, make working difficult and be socially embarrassing.  The good news is that most causes of watery eyes are treatable.

Most commonly, they eyes are watery because the tears are not draining away adequately. If the tear drainage opening is no longer in the right position due to droopy or loose eyelids, or if the tear drainage channels are blocked, the tears accumulate on the eyes and may overflow. 

Sometimes, eyes can water due to overproduction of tears as the eyes are trying to increase lubrication because of underlying dry eye diseases or allergy.

To accurately determine the cause of your watery eyes and then fix the problem, we will assess your ocular surface, eyelids and the tear drainage system, and flush the tear duct to look for any blockages. 

Our team have extensive experience in the treatments for all causes of watery eyes and look forward to having the opportunity to help you.