Blurry Vision

Just about any eye condition can cause blurry vision. If the onset of blurry vision has been gradual over many months or years and you have not had your eyes tested by an optometrist for at least a year, your eyes may be out of focus and you may need new glasses.

Blurry vision associated with grittiness or burning sensation and that improves with blinking may be due to dry eyes. This is particularly common in people who use computers or other digital devices for prolonged periods of time. 

The most common cause of blurry vision in people over 60 are cataracts, although younger people can get them too.

Sudden onset of blurry vision in one eye could be due to serious conditions such as wet macular degeneration, a blocked retinal vein or artery, retinal detachment and many other problems.  These conditions require prompt assessment and treatment.

The only way to tell for certain what is causing your blurry vision is to have your eyes examined.

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