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2 Jun

Happy World Orthoptic Day!

Today marks the official day where we celebrate the wonderful work our Orthoptists do and their profession!

At both our Ballina and Robina rooms we are lucky to have a great team of Orthoptists working with our Ophthalmologists to deliver the highest level of care to our patients. Our Orthoptists are a valued member of our team- they are the first person you see before you go through to the Ophthalmologist!

At our rooms our Orthoptists are responsible for conducting all the work-up, operating tests, interpreting results, diagnosing and managing various eye conditions!

To learn more about what Orthoptist does please read the following blurb from Orthoptics Australia:

What is an Orthoptist? 

Orthoptists are allied health professionals who play an integral part in eye health care in Australia and worldwide. Through a unique set of skills, orthoptists are involved in the detection, diagnosis and management of a variety of eye disorders. In Australia they work in a range of settings, including hospitals, private practices, low vision and rehabilitation settings, community health areas, clinical research centers, universities and within the ophthalmic sales industry. Some of the areas that orthoptists specialise or work within include:

  • Children’s vision / Paediatrics
  • Eye movement disorders
  • Low vision care / Rehabilitation
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • General eye disease including areas such as cataract care and retinal disorders such as diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration
  • Neurological vision disorders
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Driver  vision and Sports vision
  • Clinical Research
  • Education

Interested in a career in Orthoptics?

Watch this video here to see what our colleagues get up to across the world: A career in Orthoptics

Looking for more information?

Visit: Orthoptics Australia

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