Entropion refers to an inward turning of the lower eyelid. It causes the eyelashes and lid skin to rub against the surface of the eye, causing discomfort. If left untreated it can lead to the ulceration of the surface of the eye, followed by scarring which could cause loss of vision.


Lower lid entropion is usually due to ageing changes in the eyelid making it lax (loose) and prone to flipping inwards. To begin with, the entropion can be present intermittently, but it often progresses later on. Entropion can also be caused by infection (e.g. trachoma), disease or injury.


The most obvious sign of an entropion is an inward turning lower lid. Patients may experience irritation and pain on the front of the eye, excessive tearing, burning sensation and a red eye.


Artificial tears may temporarily relieve the irritation from an entropion; however, eyelid surgery to stiffen the lower lid and pull it outwards is usually necessary to fully correct this problem. At Gold Coast Eye Hospital we have surgical approaches available that your ophthalmologist will discuss you at your consultation.

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